Do you ever get those moments where you feel like quitting your job and exploring the world? Where you are so close to handing in your notice, with no plan on what you’re going to do? Well my loves, that is exactly what I plan to do.

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I have been a SEN teaching assistant since I was 16, fresh out of school, nearly 2 years ago. And I have loved it. I mean there’s been some low points, many low points, but in what job isn’t there low points? If we all didn’t have low points we wouldn’t be human. Now enough about low points Liv.

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I have wanted to travel for a long time, but me not being 18 I never really had the chance to, or the courage to ask my mum. But my 18th birthday is in exactly 191 days and I couldn’t be more excited. I have so much planned in August that I don’t really want to up and leave to see the world just now. Hence why I plan to start my travels in September.

It’s exactly 177 days until the last day of the school year (not that I am counting 😏) and this is when I plan to leave. Only few people that I work with know so don’t go blabbing!! Of course I know you wouldn’t! I have been saying for a while that I wanted to leave, Jemma will tell you that. She has had to listen to me whine for months about just not enjoying it anymore, and that happens in jobs. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you love the kids, if you don’t enjoy the work there’s not much that keeps you there.

“So Liv” you may be thinking, “Where do you plan on going?”. Well I’m glad you asked my loves, because in all honesty I don’t have a clue. Okay that’s a lie, I have some ideas, but nothing set in stone. And I’m a big scaredy cat so doing this alone is not an option and all my friends either have jobs or plan to go to university.


I’ve been looking into the company STA Travel and it looks great. But you know them companies where everything looks great and the reviews are amazing, but it feels too much of a risk? Yeah that’s what this company feels like. Luckily for me they have a base in Bournemouth, really local to me, that I can go in and have a chat to them and see if I can book in. They do around the world tours in small groups, yippee for me who won’t travel alone, and so it does sound great.

Some people may be thinking ‘Liv that’s great, but what happens in a years time when travelling ends and you come back to reality’. And trust me it’s nothing I haven’t thought of myself. It scares the crap out of me, the unknown because I’m a planner. I’m a person who needs to know what we are doing, at what point of the day and with who. So not knowing what I’ll do in a years time when I come back home really does scare me, but not enough. Unfortunately no amount of fortune tellers in the world can tell us what’s going to happen. And for once I’m okay with that. Because I get to see the world!

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This is where you guys come in. I’m going to give you a bunch of options about places and tours I can go on and I need you guys to vote. Come and help a girl out!

How amazing does this look! 82 days of travelling around Latin America in a small tour. I get to visit Las Vegas, see The Grand Canyon, go to Mexico City and loads of other cool places too.

60% Camping and 40% Hotels which me not being a fan of camping isn’t great! You can look at the activities and more here 


This tour looks great, like really great. I’ve always wanted to see America, mainly for the food, and this would do just that. Visiting places like Los Angeles, Washington DC (Trump I’m coming for ya), New York City and Dallas.

This is 100% hotels too which is awesome! You can see more about the itinerary here 

Okay my loves, let’s steer away from America now and look at some Asia Tours.

This looks great. I would tour around Asia going to places like Beijing, Dali, Choir and Zuun Lake. This is 15% camping and 85% hotels, yippee!!! 

To see more about this tour go to

This amazing tour is set in Africa, visiting places like Cape Town, Maun, D’Kar and Kande. It is 94 days long and is 75% camping and 25% hotels, which I kinda understand.

To see more about this tour, please do it looks amazing, visit

The last tour that I would like you to think about is my second favourite. Based in Latin America, the tour is…

Apart from the America tour, this tour could be the one I choose. 75 days long visiting Rio De Janeiro, Brasília, GeorgeTown and Boa Vista.

35% is camping and 65% is hotels, so all in all not too bad! To see more about this amazing trip and to help me out go to

So that’s it my loves. It feels all too surreal but I am so excited. Please comment and let me know which tour is your favourite and if you have ever travelled before. Thank you for all the support.

Stay tuned soon for a Wish Haul and a Valentines Day Look Book because girl that day is approaching fast.

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Much Love

Olivia Grace xx


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