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So today I am coming at you with a ‘How To’ blog all about dealing with stress. If, like me, you are feeling super stressed out lately, you have come to the right place. Now you may be thinking ‘Liv you’re 17 how can you be stressed?’. Well I work a full time job that is evidentially the epitome of stress. I want to go travelling but don’t have the funds. I am struggling big time with my weight and I want to leave my job. So even though those things may be small compared to others, it still leads to stress. And oh how I hate stress.

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So even though I am no doctor and I have no A-levels, I do know what stress feels like. And I do have some ways that I cope with it, not all the time but some days. Don’t think that I can cope with stress everyday, it gets to me like everyone else, but these are a few ways I can manage it.

Take Time Off:

Taking time off seems so obvious yet it is probably the last thing we do. Whether it’s booking a holiday to Spain or getting signed off by the doctor, it need’s to be done. If it is your job that’s stressing you out (girl I feel you) then go to your doctor where they should sign you off for stress. I have done it before and it’s the best thing I have ever done. Taking that time away from a stressful workplace really does help clear the mind and get your health back on track.

If it’s other thing’s taking a toll on your health, then book a holiday. I know that for everyone a trip to Spain isn’t on the cards, but even a walk down the beach will help. Go somewhere that’s away from everything and relax. Just think about what’s around you and let go of the stress.

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I for sure know that sleeping is the last thing on your mind when you’re stressed, but it honestly does help. We can often become exhausted when stressed about something as it keeps us awake at night with worry. The best thing for it is sleep! Even if you need sleeping tablets, you will feel loads better after you have had a good sleep.

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Go To The Gym:

Ergh, how we all hate the gym. Why can’t all the rubbish food we eat just go straight to the booty? I find the gym a great stress reliever. Working up a sweat and getting those booty gains is great for the mind. Plug your head phones in and starting lifting! Take your mind off from all the negatives things going on in your life and enjoy that half an hour or an hour of exercise. And even check out the cutie’s in the weight section 😉

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I’m not going to judge you. If eating is what’s going to get you through this stressful time then do it. Eat until your hearts content. I for sure will not be stopping you and if anyone tries to, eat them too. Go and buy that chocolate cheese cake from Tesco (not a sponsor) and eat it all yourself. Go and buy two packs of Pringles (again not a sponsor) and eat them both in under five minutes. Because you’re beautiful either way and if that is what is going to make the stress less painful, then do it. And don’t feel ashamed.

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Get Rid Of The Negatives:

You know that girl that you’ve been friends with who talks about herself the whole time? Yeah get rid of her. You know that book in the corner of your room that talks about a pretty skinny girl? Yeah get rid of her too. Anything negative in your life needs to go sister. How can you expect to become positive and get rid of this stress with negative things around you? It just ain’t going to work. Get rid now!

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It Just Ain’t Worth It:

Whatever has gotten you feeling this way, just ain’t worth it Hun. Whatever it is, big or small, just doesn’t deserve you feeling like this. If you hate your job, quit. If your boy cheating, leave. If your dress is to tight, get a bigger size and flaunt that body. There isn’t anything on this Earth worth you stressing over. Keep your head high and show the wold how beautiful you are.

So I hoped that helped, in some way. I am not an expert and I know how shit stress is. I’m so ill and feeling yucky right now because of the stress I am under. It sucks badly, but we will get through it.

Remember to leave me a comment about what you’re stressing over. Let’s help each other out.

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I hope you have an amazing week and keep smiling!

Much Love,

Olivia Grace


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