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I hope you are all having a positive, restful week and are looking forward to Thursday tomorrow. So as you can tell by the title, a couple of weeks ago I made a few purchases from the app WISH. If you don’t live on YouTube (because I totally do) or you have been living under a rock, you won’t have a clue about this app. WISH is a websites, and an app, that sells everything for very low prices. And today I am testing out this app for myself. So without further ado, let’s get in to the review 🙂

So opening the website it comes up like this.

wish .png

Straight away I can see things that are ‘Free’ and items that were originally expensive and have been ‘made cheaper’. I like the layout and there is a wide range of menu options.

The first item that I bought is a ‘Universal 3 in 1 With Remote Control Mini Flexible Camera Phone Holder Octopus Wireless Bluetooth Tripod Bracket Stand Holder Mount Monopod’. It has 4.5 stars with 129 reviews. It cost me £3 and VAT was excluded. I did get this product without the camera shutter as it was more expensive. This is what it looked like on the site…


Here is what came…


It was estimated to arrive on February 14th 2018 and it actually arrived on Thursday 10th 2018. I love this item. I filmed my Makeup Routine Talk Through on it and it was great. It’s small, great for travelling and I am so happy with it. Definitely would re-purchase.

The second item that I bought from Wish was a ‘Pineapple TPU Soft Coque IPhone Case Silicone IMD Marble Back Cover Cell Phone Shell’. This looked really cute and girly on the site and I instantly fell in love. It cost me £1 with £1 shipping which is super cheap. This also had 4.5 stars. This is what it looked like on the site…


This is what it looks like in person…


It was estimated to arrive on February 28th 2018 and it actually arrived on February 8th 2018. It is super cute and I love it so much. It protects my phone like a normal phone case and the design is exactly like the picture. For £2 it certainly is a bargain!

Next I bought Portable Mini LED Selfie Lamp External Flash Fill Light for Universal Mobile Smart Phone in White. I have wanted a selfie light for ages but was never prepared to spend £20 on one so when I saw this for £2 and £1 shipping, I couldn’t resist. This is what it looks like online…


And in person…

 The product was estimated to arrive on February 28th 2018 and it actually arrived on the 5th February 2018. It is quite bigger than I expected and it doesn’t come with batteries (which for £3 I’m not mad at). It is super bright and has 3 brightness settings. I am so happy with this and I totally recommend.
I next bought a Black and Yellow Warm Thicker Sexy Letter Print Rose Hoodies Women Hooded Drop-Shoulder Long Sleeve Oversized Hoodie Autumn Women Hoodies Sweatshirts. This looked super cute on the website and the reviews were fab. I chose the hoodie in Yellow and it cost me £8.65 and the shipping was £4. One thing I will say is that shipping varied with different sizing. I ordered a large but I saw that with other sizes the shipping cost more so that is one thing I would look out for. This is what the jumper looked like online…
Here’s what it actually looked like…
It was estimated to arrive on February 2nd 2018 and it did arrive on that exact date. The material of the jumper is soft but it does feel really cheap. The writing in the picture is on the back and thankfully it does comes written on the back. The material just doesn’t feel nice even if it is soft. There’s a slit eat each side, you can see clearly in the picture and it is quite see through. I wouldn’t wear it outside of the house personally. It’s a miss from me.
The last thing I bought was 6 Colors Women New Fashion Casual Loose Camouflage Long Pants Women Fashion Casual Sport Pants Outdoor Cotton Pants Climbing Pants in the colour Grey. I didn’t read the title properly when ordering this and so I was shocked to see that the trousers were a cotton material. I was excited to see if they would look nice on. Here is what it looked like on the model…
Here’s what it looked like on me…
They were estimated to arrive February 5th 2018 and they arrived on February 5th 2018. I am really sad about the material. In the photo online they look way more sturdy and strong, however they are really flimsy and stretchy. They kind of feel like a swimming costume material. The colour is nice and I like the camo print. I got them in a size medium and they cost me £9 with £4 shipping. They fit perfectly and are more like jogging bottoms. I really like them however they are super see through. They cut off on the ankle really short which is annoying. I wouldn’t wear them out the house but they are a total hit for me. If you don’t mind that they are see through, I would definitely recommend.
I hope you enjoyed this little wish haul. I am sorry about the quality of the pictures. I am investing in a camera real soon.
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Much Love,
Olivia Grace xx

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