Hello Loves,

So it has been a while and I am truly sorry for that. Life catches up with you quick and before you realise it, you haven’t posted in weeks. So today, whilst I am off work ill, I thought I would let you get to know me more and tell you 10 things you probably didn’t know about me. So here it goes!

1- I had my first kiss when I was 16.

Some would say I was still a baby. Others would ask me why so late? And the answer being because I never really met someone who I wanted to kiss. Plus all the insecurity issues but that’s a whole other story.


2- I have 1 sister.

Yep, just the 1!

tenor (1).gif

3- I am a love freak.

When I say ‘love freak’ I really mean I run away from it. Every time I am getting to know someone and things are going good, I run. I run as far as I can and something inside me always clicks. It is so frustrating!! Maybe I just haven’t found the one?

tenor (2).gif

4- I have never had a boyfriend.

As tragic as that sounds, no one has ever been good enough. My standard are pretty high (and my self esteem pretty low).

tenor (3).gif

5- I want to live in another country.

I mean, who doesn’t right? Who wouldn’t like to elope to somewhere hot and sunny! But it has been a real passion of mine for some time.

tenor (4).gif

6- I would love to quit my job and do blogging full time.

Of course this is the real world and bills have to be paid. Right now I do my blogging for free, which is completely fine because I have a full time job. But I would love to do this full time, if only it could be financially stable.

tenor (5).gif

7- My favourite colour is blue.

Yep, boring. Anyone ever just say that’s their favourite colour because that’s all they’ve known? Like growing up that’s what they always said and you couldn’t be bothered to change it? Yeah me too.

tenor (6).gif

8- I suffer with Anxiety.

It’s very common and I bet 90% of you do too! But boy does it suck.

tenor (7).gif

9- I have lived in Salisbury my entire life.

No reason to move, loads of reasons to stay.

tenor (8).gif

10- I am a total 5ft 7!

Not a shorty but not a tall girl. Just average.

tenor (9).gif

So there you have it! If you did like this blog make sure to like and follow. I really appreciate it. I have also started Slimming World so if you would like to keep up to date with that you can follow my Instagram here -> https://www.instagram.com/slimminglivs/

giphy (3)

Have a lovely day!
Much Love,

Olivia Grace xx


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