Have you ever seen a photo of a girl with gorgeous pink hair and suddenly wished you had hair like that? Some might even go as far to show the image to their hairdresser and then slowly back out as soon as you see the bright dye.

We’ve all been there. Certainly I have. I remember asking my mum when I was around 13 if I could have my hair dyed red and shaved at the sides (that was all in back then) and I was deadly serious. Of course she didn’t let me, thank goodness, but I still really wanted it done.

To the girls and guys out there who are brave enough to get different hair colours, I applaud you. The only time I change my hair colour is to go darker, how boring of me.

And so to celebrate these individuals, I wanted to share with you my top 5 favourite hair colours of all time. *sips tea* you are not ready for this.

If only I had the courage to have my hair as funky as some of those styles!

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Much Love,

Olivia Grace xx


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  1. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair different colors! I’m too chicken to do it, but it’s always fun to imagine myself with pink, blue, or purple hair!

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