Hi everyone!

How are we all? It’s Friday tomorrow! Hooray!!!

Today I have been celebrating my mums birthday. After all the presents, cake and balloon popping we all had a little boogie!

For those of you who don’t know, I have a beautiful cousin called Harry who has Down Syndrome. He turns 6 in June!

Harry has a little sister called Lottie who turned 2 in March. Our lives with Harry have been magical and we thank God everyday for our ray of sunshine.

Without Harry I wouldn’t be working with Special Needs children and so for that, I thank him. He has shown me, and so many others, a world in which life is beautiful and so precious.

Whilst having our boogie I thought I would record a glimpse of this moment. A moment so amazing and inspiring. Harry learns so much from Lottie and he really looks up to her, as does she to him.

The video shows a tiny insight of the moments we have with Harry and how everything he does lights up the room. To many it’s quite intimidating and unusual and you may question why he does certain things. But for me that’s the beauty of it, because he is so unique and only we know his quirks. For us it’s completely perfect.

Enjoy this little video and please do share. I’d love to show the world Harry.


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