Hi Loves,

Today I thought I’d bring to you ‘Thing’s They Don’t Tell You About Losing Your Virginity‘.

If you have lost your virginity, hopefully you will be able to relate to some of these points.

If you haven’t lost your virginity, here’s some thing’s that you either haven’t been told, or you are sick to death of hearing.

You will bleed; heavily!

Everyone kind of knows that when you have sex, you ‘pop your cherry’ and that is certainly true. If you know this then you will know that you will bleed. What I didn’t know was how much you bleed. I honestly thought I was dying when I lost my virginity, there was so much blood. I rang my friend up like ‘are you sure this is normal?’ because I was so shocked. It really did scare me. Now every girl is different. You might bleed a little or you might bleed a lot. Either way don’t be shocked. It’s completely fine.

Your first time will be your worst.

If you listen to a lot of girls ‘first time’ stories, most of them will tell you that their first time was their worst. 5% of girls who had a candle lit dinner and a nice boyfriend will tell you different. My first time was awful and I regret it so much. It was a learning process but I felt like shit afterwards. Don’t be upset if yours wasn’t great, you’re certainly not the first one to go through it. And even though that’s life, it does get better and better.

It hurts, like bloody hurts.

Of course it hurts, anyone could tell you that. But the amount of pain is indescribable. Not quite childbirth pain (so I am told) but still very painful. Unlike me, let’s hope you are doing it with someone who goes slow and isn’t rough. That’s key when doing it for the first time.

You probably won’t wait for ‘the one’.

If you do wait, I congratulate you. But most girls don’t. I didn’t wait for the one. I wish I had but I didn’t and a lot of other people will tell you the same. It all depends on the situation. Please don’t feel ashamed if you didn’t do it in a relationship. You’re seriously not alone on that one.I hope you all enjoyed that. If you did let me know and I’ll do a part 2.Much Love,Olivia Grace xx


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