Song’s To Listen To When You Feel Sad.

Hi Loves,

So I have been feeling really under the weather recently and not been feeling myself but that’s a story for another day. I have been listening to loads of music and wanted to share with my playlist on Spotify for when I am feeling sad.

Now listening to sad music when you’re sad isn’t the best thing to do and isn’t something I should recommend, but we all do it. So here is some song’s to listen to when you feel sad.

Heal- Tom Odell.

Image result for tom odell

Lost Boy- Ruth B.

Related image

I See The Light- Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi.

Image result for tangled finn black and white

Purpose- Justin Bieber.

Image result for justin bieber black and white

Oblivion- Bastille.

Image result for bastille black and white

Gasoline- Halsey.

Image result for Halsey black and white


Trouble- ColdPlay.

Image result for coldplay black and white


The Drug’s Don’t Work- The Verve.

Image result for the verve


Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)- AURORA.

Image result for AURORA singer


Oceans- Seafret.

Image result for seafret


Drops Of Jupiter- Train.

Image result for train band


Miserable At Best- Mayday Parade

Image result for mayday parade

If you guys enjoyed this little playlist, let me know. I am really stuck on blog ideas at the moment 😐

Much Love,

Olivia Grace xx


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