So it has been a long time since I last even opened WordPress and oh how I have missed you all. These last few months have been awful for me and so instead of feeling sorry for myself, I have decided to share my journey and think positively.


Whilst being on the medication Sertraline (I will do a future blog post about this) a lot has happened. I have been dealing with my depression, staring my new job and meeting new people. For months I have been on the road to recovery and even though it may have taken a while, I am finally getting better.

My new job is working at Waitrose doing night shifts. It was surprisingly quite easy for my body to adapt to sleeping during the day and so I picked it all up quite quick. I am going into my fourth month there and I am loving it. I work three nights a week, picking up some overtime, and the money is great for me to start planning holidays.

Whilst working at Waitrose, I have met loads of amazing and wonderful people who I know will become life long friends. A lot of those there are young mums and dads and so it is great to be around different people who have had different life experiences. Since meeting these people, I have cut so many old friends out of my life. It has opened my eyes to me realising that I deserve better and I have given too much to people who don’t deserve it.


However, no work place is brilliant all the time and people say a lot of horrible things sometimes. Recently this has happened to me and a lot of rumours have been circulating that he said this and she said that. I have never been one to listen to gossip and get involved and so it kind of didn’t phase me. Of course the alleged comment was horrible and has knocked me back but I know that the person who said it really doesn’t know me and a lot of people have shown their support towards me since.

It has taken me a long time to be able to let things go and let comments not phase me. I suppose in life some people will love you and some just simply won’t and there’s not a lot you can do about it. All that matters is that you focus on yourself and love yourself, the rest will come in time.

Deal with negativity by being positive. Always look at the good parts to a situation. Life is never easy and God didn’t intend for it to be. It’s okay for thing’s to happen that we don’t agree with and that hurt us, that is the process of healing. However, it is how we react and deal with this negativity that will either make us, or break us. Alway’s choose the thing that will make you. Remember, a bad day isn’t a bad life.



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