Loosing Motivation To Write And Dealing With Negativity.

So it has been a long time since I last even opened WordPress and oh how I have missed you all. These last few months have been awful for me and so instead of feeling sorry for myself, I have decided to share my journey and think positively. Whilst being on the medication Sertraline (I […]

Song’s To Listen To When You Feel Sad.

Hi Loves, So I have been feeling really under the weather recently and not been feeling myself but that’s a story for another day. I have been listening to loads of music and wanted to share with my playlist on Spotify for when I am feeling sad. Now listening to sad music when you’re sad […]


Hi Loves, Today I thought I’d bring to you ‘Thing’s They Don’t Tell You About Losing Your Virginity’. If you have lost your virginity, hopefully you will be able to relate to some of these points. If you haven’t lost your virginity, here’s some thing’s that you either haven’t been told, or you are sick […]

I’M QUITTING MY JOB TO TRAVEL + I need your help

Do you ever get those moments where you feel like quitting your job and exploring the world? Where you are so close to handing in your notice, with no plan on what you’re going to do? Well my loves, that is exactly what I plan to do. I have been a SEN teaching assistant since […]