Quitting my job + feeling sad :(

Hey Loves, Life has been pretty shit lately, as I bet some of you know. Anyone else really going through a hard time? I just thought I would update you all on what has been going on. I quit my job yesterday after having multiple breakdowns at work. Do I have another job to go […]


Hi Loves, Today I thought I’d bring to you ‘Thing’s They Don’t Tell You About Losing Your Virginity’. If you have lost your virginity, hopefully you will be able to relate to some of these points. If you haven’t lost your virginity, here’s some thing’s that you either haven’t been told, or you are sick […]

Dear Ex-Best-Friends

Dear Ex-Best-Friends, Once upon a time we were the best of friends, possibly even sisters. We melted over cute guys and we gossiped about the girls we didn’t like. We spent money on each others birthday gifts and threw each other parties. You were all over my Instagram and I was all over yours. Everyone […]